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Life & Disability Benefits in Hollister, CA

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Planning for the unexpected is a hallmark of insurance. When life changes occur, it can pay to have the right coverage. Life and disability benefits can make a world of difference when they’re needed most. Don’t delay in learning about these valuable forms of insurance.

What Is Life Insurance?family photo on green grass during golden hour

In a basic sense, life insurance is a financial tool designed to pay a death benefit to loved ones after a policyholder’s death; however, there are various coverage options.

Consider the following types of coverage:

  • Term life insurance may pay a death benefit to beneficiaries if the policyholder passes while the policy term is effective (typically 10, 20 or 30 years). There is no plan cash value; however, term life policies are typically the most affordable. Term life plans may be especially suitable for families with children and those with ongoing mortgages.
  • Permanent life insurance may last a policyholder’s entire lifetime. In addition to a death benefit for beneficiaries, a permanent policy may include a cash-value component that the policyholder can utilize while still alive. Permanent plans may be a good option for estate planning and wealth transfer.

The above descriptions are only brief summations of the two primary types of life coverage. Your Shelton Insurance agent can further explain these and other available insurance options.

What Is Disability Insurance?

Disability insurance is separate from life insurance, but it can be equally valuable to those conscious about planning for unexpected risks. Unlike life insurance, disability insurance is intended to pay the policyholder while they’re still living.

Disability insurance may provide regular payments to individuals after they become injured, typically a percentage of their wages. There are various forms of disability insurance, with short-term disability and long-term disability being the most common. One of the most significant differences between these types is their effective periods (i.e., long-term disability generally kicks in after short-term and lasts longer).

Where Do I Get Life and Disability Benefits?

Frequently, life and disability insurance are available through an employer’s workplace benefits. Employees typically can choose these and other coverages during their annual open enrollment period or after a qualifying life event.

Life and disability insurance may also be available through private insurance. Securing coverage this way can be beneficial if an individual doesn’t qualify for a workplace benefits package.

Regardless of life circumstances, the professionals at Shelton Insurance can help you prepare for the unexpected. Contact us today to find the right life and disability benefits.

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