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Senior Benefits (Medicare) in Hollister, CA

Medicare Information

Medicare provides access to crucial healthcare services with customizable coverage. Contact Shelton Insurance today to learn more about how to access Medicare and choose essential additional healthcare coverage.

What Is Medicare?

Medicare is a federal government health insurance program for people aged 65 or older that provides healthcare coverage to qualifying seniors, retired workers and people with certain medical conditions.

Original Medicare includes Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (medical insurance). Part D (prescription drug coverage) is optional.

How Does Medicare Work?

When you enroll in Medicare, you’ll gain access to Original Medicare, including Part A for hospital insurance and Part B for medical insurance. Part D helps pay for prescription drug costs and is optional for Original Medicare recipients.

You can customize your Medicare healthcare coverage by choosing one of the following:

  • Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, also called Medicare Part C, are provided by private insurance companies and regulated by Medicare. They may include prescription drug, vision, dental and other coverages not included with Original Medicare. You may pay a monthly premium to access a Medicare Advantage Plan.
  • Medigap plans, also called Medicare Supplement insurance, pay many out-of-pocket costs for healthcare services covered by Original Medicare. Some plans also provide coverage for services not covered by Original Medicare, such as medical care when traveling outside the United States. Insurance companies sell standardized Medigap plans (A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N) so no matter which company you choose, your coverage is identical according to the plan. Medigap plan premiums are set by the insurance company offering the coverage.

Your agent can help you evaluate your Medicare choices by considering your medical history, current health status and healthcare budget.

How to Apply for Medicare

You can apply for Medicare online by visiting the Medicare website during your initial enrollment window if you are close to age 65 and are not receiving Railroad Retirement Board (RBB) benefits or Social Security.

Your initial enrollment window begins three months before your 65th birthday, including your birth month, and ends three months after the month you turn 65.

After your initial enrollment period, you may be able to sign up for Medicare during a special enrollment period if you are still covered by a group health plan, or during an eight-month window that starts during the month after your coverage or employment ends, whichever comes first.

Medicare vs. Medicaid

Medicare is a federal program serving primarily people over age 65 regardless of income. Most people do not have to pay for Part A coverage, but everyone must pay a monthly Part B premium. Part D coverage is optional and requires a monthly premium payment.

Medicaid is a state and federal medical insurance program to help people with limited income and financial resources pay out-of-pocket Medicare costs, including prescription drug costs. Lower-income people may also qualify to receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

How to Choose the Right Medicare Options

The agents at Shelton Insurance in Hollister, California, are ready to help you navigate the process of signing up for Medicare and assist you in evaluating your Medicare coverage options.

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