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Employer based benefits are necessary for folks of all ages and all business types. We provide plans to all business sizes whether small group benefits, less than 100 employees, or large group benefits, more than 100 employees, Shelton Insurance has it covered. Shelton Insurance’s deep knowledge and team expertise allow us to offer major carrier plans, insured and self-insured plans, compliance planning and ACA expertise. We will evaluate health-related risks affecting claims experience, as well as education on developing trends that impact employers and their employees. Seeking health care should not be a scary experience with hidden costs. Employers should be confident that their group insurance covers the varying health needs of their employees.

Here’s how it works. Employers pay health care companies a set amount of money each month and they get benefits to pay for eligible health care expenses. This can include regular doctor checkups or injuries to treatment for long-term illnesses. Health insurance is very important, but many employers have trouble understanding which small group health plans to purchase, what benefits their employees are getting, and how much they need to pay at certain times. That’s where we come in. As small group health insurance brokers at Shelton Insurance, we choose health insurance plans for small groups and businesses that are tailored to your needs, so you can be confident you and your staff are covered when it counts.

Why are employee benefits important?

Comprehensive benefit packages are attractive to job seekers, particularly if benefits extend to their families. Offering a competitive benefit package can give you the edge you need to hire and maintain a quality, dedicated staff.

What types of employee benefits are available?

Medical benefits

  • Healthcare
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Flexible spending account

Life, accident insurance and disability plans

  • Basic and supplemental life
  • Disability
  • Business travel

Get started today

Offering quality, competitive benefits is simple with the help of our experienced staff. Call us today to begin customizing an employee benefits package for your company or complete the employee benefits quote form here.

Employee Benefits

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